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Internet Status in Elgin: 2011

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Summer fini. It's date! Has the Giant Hogweed reached Elgin yet?


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Emergency Management by Chateau Plonque. GUARANTEED.

A modern farm's computer installation's ability to respond swiftly and effectively to emergency situations and to keep its operations running without interruption can be the difference between overcoming a short-term situation and confronting a long-term crisis. So do farms, both gentrified and "tradiotional".
Whether responding to a criminal incident, act of terrorism, fire, or natural disaster, governments and corporations require comprehensive and integrated plans, clear protocols, and highly trained employees to respond to the wide variety of health, safety, and economic issues that can converge during an emergency situation. This applies to rural businesses also.

The Elgin Research Center (ERC) employs a holistic approach to crisis management. It integrates the practices and strategies developed and successfully deployed throughout our setup with those of its network of law enforcement/life safety experts and consulting architects and analysts to assist rural organizations in properly planning for, and responding to, crisis situations, such as foxes, coyotes and weasels.
From developing rapid response plans and protocols, to advising on the proper design and function of a state-of-the-art Emergency Operation Center, to planning and coordinating table-top exercises and live action simulations, The ERC works collaboratively with its clients to ensure that regardless of the contingency, the client is prepared, the response is rapid, and EFFECTIVE, and the disruption is minimized.

Our ERC Services include:
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